Last minute handmade gifts: vouchers

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Every body needs a little help from his friends. So why not offer your time and talent as a gift this Christmas? Homemade vouchers make excellent gifts and stocking stuffers. Here are some ideas for your own vouchers/gift certificates.

If you have a car, you can offer a friend who doesn’t to accompany him/her shopping for heavy items (think Ikea, Club Price, or grocery shopping for lots of pantry items).

If you have cooking skills, you can offer a personalized cooking class to a friend who would like to discover a particular kind of cuisine : vegetarian, mexican, thai, etc. You could also give a voucher for a baked item per month for a year, or a week of lunch boxes.

If you have special powers put, them to good use and offer to help out with one of your speciality : haircut, bicycle mechanic adjustments, computer repair or debugging, physics/math tutoring, knitting class, etc.

If you like pampering your significant other, you could offer him/her a back massage, shoulder and neck rub, foot srcub, breakfast in bed, romantic candlelight dinner, etc.

If you know new parents, they will be delighted to receive babysitting vouchers!

Teens can offer their parents household chores vouchers, such as : weeding the garden, washing the car, washing the dishes, mow the lawn, rake the leaves, washing the clothes and ironing, etc.

Children will love to have : trip to the pool, trip to the park, one very long bedtime story, stay up one hour late, 1 hour of Internet, order-in pizza dinner, slumber party, piggy-back ride, etc.

Offer a fun activity to a friend or relative to do with you : cross country skiing, hiking, evening in a jazz club, diner and a movie, afternoon at the museum, botanical garden, aquarium, science center, craft fair, farmer’s market, etc.

To make your voucher, use a template (microsoft word, iWork Pages) or write it down by hand. Put it in a nice envelope, or even a “money holder” card along with your seasonal greetings. Look on the Internet for nice money/gift certificate/voucher holder cards how-to’s (like this Christmas one, or this generic one).

Do you have other ideas for vouchers?

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