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Floppy disk pencil holder

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I can't resist the charm of old technology upcycled into something useful. I saw the instructions for making a pencil holder out of old floppy disks on Esprit Cabane and I knew I had to try it.

floppy_cube.jpgI gathered 5 old floppy disks (not that old actually, I was still using them 3 years ago for making backups of laboratory data. Ahhh... USB drives changed my life...) and made the pencil holder. I also hot glued some felt under it, but that's totally optional. I looks pretty neat, I think. Try it too ! It would make an awesome DIY gift for the geeks in your life.

(Note : Floppy disks are not square, so you have to fiddle a bit to make it look like a cube. Also, tie-wraps and floppy disks come in different colors, so have fun with it!) 

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