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Peace one day, peace today!

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Peace is a preoccupation of mine. I directed a short film about it. I wrote an electroacoustic music work about it.  I spent my vacations in Hiroshima, thinking about it. And today, I blog about it.

Will there be peace on earth one day? Definitely. And sooner than you think: today!

September 21st is the UN International Day of Peace, a day of global ceasefire and non-violence: Peace Day. I view it not only as a "stop the war for one day" event, but also a time for reflexion about mankind's brotherhood. The Day sure has a lot of obstacles to overcome, but it's a good start that people recognize the relevance of it.

I invite you to think about what you can do for peace, at your own scale of influence. Sincerely apologize to someone you did harm, sign a petition against the use of nuclear weapons, or simply wish peace to all your friends.

paper_cranes.JPGSo here is my contribution to you, dear Internet readers, for Peace day. It's a photo I took last year in Hiroshima. It's a whole lot of origami paper cranes that are displayed at the children monument for peace. The paper crane is a symbol for peace and Japanese kids fold thousands of them every year in remembrance of a girl who died of leukemia several years after the atomic bomb devastated the city.

Download it here in full resolution and use it as a desktop background, or print it to cheer up your office walls. It will be there to remind you that   children wish for peace, and so do I.


Coco scarf

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I went shopping at Chanel last week, not that I have the money to buy anything in there, but just out of curiosity. There was an elegant yet very simple pink knitted scarf that I reverse-engineered in seconds. It's a basket weave scarf with a ribbing "fringe" and neat clean double-knit edges. I was quite impressed by the edges. So simple, yet so professional-looking. I think from now-on, I will use it every time I knit raw edges. It would make a great reversible scarf for men and women alike, depending on the colorway you choose.

So here's the pattern for my friend Alisha who wants to knit one! (and I'll probably knit one too!) The pattern is intended for a solid color yarn, to show off the texture.

Pattern notes :

The 4 first and the 4 last stitches will be the edge stitches. You will always perform the "neat double-knit scarf edge" on those edge stitches. The 30 other stitches will be the center stitches that will show off the pattern.

Cast on 38 stitches.
Work 2x2 ribbing on center stitches for about 15-20 cm (or as long as you want).
Work basket weave pattern on center stitches for at least 1 meter (or as long as you want).
Work the same number of rows of 2x2 ribbing as you did at the beginning.
Cast off.

*Remember to work the "neat double-knit scarf edge" on every row on each edges of the work!!

Neat double-knit scarf edge :
On an even number of stitches (ideally 4 or 6) :
With yarn in front, slip 1 stitch.
Put yarn in back and knit one stitch.
Repeat for remaining stitches.

2x2 ribbing:
*K2, p2* until the end of the row (center stitches).

Basket weave pattern :
Row A : K6, p6, k6 p6, k6
Row B : P6, k6, p6, k6, p6
Repeat rows A and B two more times (6 rows in total).
Row C : P6, k6, p6, k6, p6
Row D : K6, p6, k6 p6, k6
Repeat rows C and D two more times (6 rows in total).
That will result in a chequered pattern with 6x6 squares of jersey alterning with 6x6 squares of reverse-jersey.

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