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T-shirt upcycling tutorials

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I have a bunch of old t-shirts I would want to put to a better use. Some of them are to big and boxy for me to wear, some of them are too small and some of them are too worn out. I scavenged the web to find ideas of how to upcycle a t-shirt into something else, be it wearable or useful around the house. Here are my favorites, in case it might give you a good stating point with your own project.

A recycled t-shirt necklace. It's super easy, fast and I made one in 20 minutes yesterday. Tada!

A colorful tote bag

tote.jpgA cardigan with a crocheted button band

cardigan.jpgMake a cute skirt.

skirt.jpgMake a pillow.

Leave the t-shirt as-is but hide a stain or an ugly logo with crocheted flowers or another embellishment. Or screen print on it. Or add a crocheted neckline.

Restyle a boxy t-shirt into a halter top, a comfy pair of yoga pants/capri, the "keesha shirt" from the sistahs of harlem, a colorful skirt, a quick and no-sew camisole,  a no-sew cute top, a sexy bikini, make a picnic blanket or frame your old band t-shirts.

The cycling physicist

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This summer, the knitting physicist will focus on touring, that fabulous activity where you travel great distances on your bike while being in the outdoors and discovering local culture. But the best part is of course the food : everything taste better after 80 km of cycling. So during June and July, I will post tips on preparing food outdoors while traveling by bike. Some of those posts might be in French, too.

Montreal's "Mondial de la bière"

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The beer-enthusiast's biggest event of the year is back for it's 16th edition during June 3rd-7th. We went there yesterday and complained that it's not like in the old days, let's say 6 or 7 years ago. It's too crowded, it's too expensive, there are too many weird blue, green and pink drinks (hey, it's a beer festival!), etc. But we have discovered some nice microbreweries. My personnel favorite? Broadway Pub, situated in Shawinigan, (Québec, Canada). They make a particularly good barley wine called "Élixir de Belphégor" (10,5% alchool). Their other beers are pretty decent too, and are named with a certain sense of humor. This microbrewery is definitely my highlight of the mondial de la bière 2009.

Other beers are worth mentioning. My favorite microbrewery, le Dieu du Ciel, made a nice japanese tea flavored beer named "Ochamena bi-ru". It's an elegant beer with a delicate flavor of tea. Also, their "Cascade blanche" is a white beer with powerful, bitter hop notes. Too bitter for me, but my boyfriend loved it.

Anyway, don't be sad if you miss the Mondial de la bière, you alway can buy a couple of beers you never tasted before and organize a mini beer fest with your friends.

The macaron disaster

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It all started with a good meal and a bottle of wine. I somewhat had this crazy idea to make crème brûlée, which is dessert I love but have never made before. I took it as a challenge, went out for buying cream, and made crème brûlée while drinking some more wine. It was very easy and the preperation time was only 6 minutes (I timed it to see if I could beat the 20 min indicated in the Larousse de la cuisine). But what to do during the 30 minutes the custard had to cook in the oven? And what to do with those leftover egg whites? Macarons! Another dessert I never made before, and that I have never tasted nor seen with my own eyes. Sounded like a challenge, so I joined forces with my boyfriend and we tackled this delicate task. The result?

macaron2.jpgThe macaron disaster! The message : don't drink and make dessert. On second though, go ahead. These were very good, they are just not picture perfect. I think it's more a question of inexperience and less than optimal conditions (the egg whites were not aged 48 hours) that caused the problem. I think the macarons were undercooked, so they were a bit sticky and crumbled easily.

macaron3.jpgBut we managed to save a couple of nice macarons for a picture :

macaron1.jpgI used the recipes described at Serious Eats for the macaron batter and the ganache. Try it too! It's fun!

Knitting and men in uniform

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Last week in Halifax, a beautiful ship named Esmeralda (complete with lots of men in uniform) was about to leave the harbor. So I sat in a ray of sun and watched this load of activity while my hands were busy knitting a 100% cashmere pair of fingerless gloves.

Fetching_progress1.jpgThis gorgeous yarn is from Lobster Pot Yarns, a yarn dyed in lobster pots and let out do dry in Cape Cod's breeze. Iit's a pleasure to knit with such a soft yarn. It's a gift Katie and Jonathan gave me last time they came to visit me in Montreal (I'm so lucky!). I needed a small project to take with me on the airplane (and the long wait in airports) so I chose to knit a pair of Fetching fingerless gloves, using the magic loop method with my trusty Addi Turbo circular needles. Those gloves knit up so fast!

After my stroll on the waterfront to see the Esmeralda, I went to the crowded farmer's market. I couldn't resist buying a souvenir:

lismoreyarn.jpgIt's sheep yarn from Lismore Sheep Farm Wool Shop. I don't know yet what I will do with it, but it will likely be a felting project, like a bag or a tea cozy. Or maybe a hat. Anyway, it will be striped with green and blue!  

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