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Montreal lemonade

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The sun is back and it makes me think soon enough Montreal will be steaming hot (OK, two months from now but let's be prepared). Refreshing drinks are a good way to cope with the heat, but when it comes to lemonade, some people are drawn back.

-"The sugar takes forever to dissolve", Marc said.
-"You put granulated sugar in there? Why don't you use maple syrup instead?"
-"Where do you think I can get maple syrup in London?!"

Unlike my Londoner friend Marc, I've always made my lemonade with maple syrup. Apart from the fact that maple syrup have become prohibitively expensive during the last year, it has many advantages :
  • Great taste
  • Great nutrition (more calcium than milk!)
  • It dissolves instantly (no waiting while you're thirsty!)
So step aside with your granulated sugar and let me show you how a Montrealer makes a quick and simple lemonade.

limonade.jpgIngredients (for 1 glass) :
  • Half a lemon or lime
  • Maple syrup (about 2-3 tbs)
  • Plain or sparkling water
  • 2-3 ice cubes
  • 2-3 fresh mint leaves (optional)
Press the half citrus directly over a tall glass. Look at the level of juice in there. Pour maple syrup in the glass so it's approximately the same quantity as the juice. Fill the glass with water and ice and stir. Add mint leaves if desired. 

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