Montreal's "Mondial de la bière"

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The beer-enthusiast's biggest event of the year is back for it's 16th edition during June 3rd-7th. We went there yesterday and complained that it's not like in the old days, let's say 6 or 7 years ago. It's too crowded, it's too expensive, there are too many weird blue, green and pink drinks (hey, it's a beer festival!), etc. But we have discovered some nice microbreweries. My personnel favorite? Broadway Pub, situated in Shawinigan, (Québec, Canada). They make a particularly good barley wine called "Élixir de Belphégor" (10,5% alchool). Their other beers are pretty decent too, and are named with a certain sense of humor. This microbrewery is definitely my highlight of the mondial de la bière 2009.

Other beers are worth mentioning. My favorite microbrewery, le Dieu du Ciel, made a nice japanese tea flavored beer named "Ochamena bi-ru". It's an elegant beer with a delicate flavor of tea. Also, their "Cascade blanche" is a white beer with powerful, bitter hop notes. Too bitter for me, but my boyfriend loved it.

Anyway, don't be sad if you miss the Mondial de la bière, you alway can buy a couple of beers you never tasted before and organize a mini beer fest with your friends.

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