Pierrot's Scarf

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I live in Montreal where winter can be very rude at times (like -30C in January). On one of those freezing evening, I was waiting for the bus with my friend Pierrot who didn't have a scarf nor a hat! Silly guy. I decided to knit him one for his birthday.

But knitting for a guy is a bit delicate. I wanted to do something manly but not boring to knit or to look at. Also, I was quite annoyed that most of the patterns I came across were not reversible. Dammit, it's a scarf! It will show on both sides! Also,I don't like it when it rolls, like with stockinette stitch. But what would happen if I alternate stripes of right and wrong sides? Hmmm...

p_scarf1.jpgI really like the result. The scarf is reversible, doesn't roll and the texture changes emphasizing the stripes keeps it interesting. It is simple to make too. I chose acrylic yarn because it is reasonably warm and people often don't tolerate to have scratchy wool on their neck, not to say I cannot afford to make it out of cashmere. Therefore, I usually make my scarfs out of acrylic yarn or a blend of acrylic and wool.

p_scarf2.jpgTo make Pierrot's scarf, you need 100g of yarn of each of colors A and B and a pair of 5 mm straight needles. Needless to say, gauge isn't important as long as it is quite constant throughout the project. (I once made a scarf that was significantly wider at one end. Oups.)

With  A, CO 40 sts.
Rows 1-6 : knit
Rows 7-16 : With B, knit on even row and purl on odd rows.
Rows 17-26 : With A, purl on even rows and knit on odd rows.
Repeat rows 7-26 to form stripes of alternating colors and texture until you nearly run out of yarn. After your last stripe, knit 6 rows with the contrasting color. BO and weave in ends.

Weaving all the little ends of yarn on a stripey scarf can be a bit painful, so be smarter than me and weave them in as you knit. Or crochet a border and hide them in.

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JGcalifornia Author Profile Page said:

I LOVE THIS SCARF!!!!! Any possibility you would make one for sale????

Dextery Author Profile Page said:

Thanks for your enthusiasm JGcalifornia! The "problem" with selling handknits is that they take so long to make that they turn out to be expensive. I will contact you by email for a quote ;-)

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