Mom's mitts

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My favorite hand-warmers for everyday use is an hybrid between mittens and fingerless gloves. The fingerless part is useful to manipulate my keys, bus pass, etc. while the flap keeps my fingers rather warm when I don't need much dexterity. I already have a pair of them knitted in a gorgeous alpaca yarn by Peruvian women - so soft, so warm! (Well, when the wind doesn't get through. They should make them in double-knit - that would be the ultimate hand-warmers.) I love them so much that I wanted to use their clever design to make a pair of mitts for my mom that also matches her favorite scarf. Here is the result :

mom_gloves2.jpgIt is knitted in superwash Norwegian wool (warm, soft enough, great selection of colors, washable). I used the Knucks pattern by ) to make the fingerless gloves, fiddling with the color scheme of her scarf to customize it. Plus, the double stranding of Fair Isle gives the fabric more thickness, which is appropriate for winter wear. I made a matching flap separately and sew it unto the glove. This flap starts with 1/1 ribbing to ensure a snug fit around the palm. Then, it is worked in stockinette and finishes with decreases that fit the form of a hand (duh). There is a small loop at the top of the flap so it can be attached to the cuff by a button.

mom_gloves3.jpgI gave them to her for Christmas last year and she wears them almost everyday in winter. That makes me smile every time I see them. It's nice to knit for the woman who has knitted me tons of things when I was younger.

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