Le robot

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What was this yarn I bought yesterday for? Hmmm... I'll give you clue :

LEDs.JPGDon't get it yet? OK, this one is very obscure. It takes a twisted mind like mine to see the connection yarn + flashing LEDs = plush robot! I already made one for my boyfriend's birthday. Please meet Le Robot :
le_robot1_600px.jpgIsn't he adorable? And his switch works for real, see :

le_robot2_600px.jpgI'm not completely satisfied with the outcome of the electronic part (I wish I had used more LEDs) but it's not bad at all for a novice like me. No soldering involved : I just twisted wires together and sealed them with electrician tape. But my boyfriend is really good in electronics and I thought that if we put our hobbies together, we could create the ultimate knitted robot with cool flashing lights. And of course, seeking perfection, we decided to make it a female robot. ;-) She is actually taking form on my needles right now, so more on that later.

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