Christmas is here... in November

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You probably have seen it too : cheap plastic Santas and red and green (too sweet) chocolates (with paraffin) taking over the shelf space in every store. Fortunately, I stay away from shopping malls so I can survive the Xmas frenzy taking place 2 months in advance without noticing it too much.

I don't like all the cheap holiday-related stuff, but I do like Christmas for, at least, 2 reasons : (1) food and (2) having a good time with my family. Oh, and gift giving. But I don't like the idea of giving something just because you have to. I prefer to think about what the person really likes and find something that fits his/her personality. I usually make all the gifts myself too : there's nothing like a beautiful (or delicious) handmade item to show your appreciation to someone, with all the thoughts, time and effort put into it. Or at least, I would appreciate such a gift and my blind optimism keeps me knitting and crafting stuff for my friends and family.

This year, instead of giving something to every family member, we decided to do a gift exchange, so I only have one gift to concentrate on instead of eight! (well, with my in-laws. I still want to do something for my parents, brother, grandma, and some friends too.) I think it's a good thing : less clutter, less stress (hey, why stress-out for Christmas; isn't it supposed to be about joy, love and sharing? Or am I being blindly optimistic again?).

As a starting point to this blog, I will post in the following days/weeks some handmade gifts I have made in the past. Maybe it will inspire you to make something similar for someone you love. Hey, make at least one handmade gift this year, even if it's just baking a batch of gingerbread men.

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